School Facilities

It is widely recognised that student performance is strongly affected by the quality of a school’s learning environment. Essendon North Primary School is committed to building and maintaining a positive, effective and orderly learning environment that:

Major Upgrading and Refurbishment Projects for Classrooms

In 2009, the school received $500 000.00 from the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Better Schools Today program. This enabled the school to significantly upgrade and modernise existing classrooms (internally and externally) around our main quadrangle.

In 2009, the school received $200 000.00 under the Australian Government’s National Schools Pride program. This enabled the school to continue upgrading and modernising existing classrooms (internally and externally) around our main quadrangle.

Major Building Project ~ A New Indoor Stadium and Multi-Purpose Complex

At the beginning of 2010, the school commenced construction of a new three million dollar Multi-Purpose Centre. The project is funded under the Australian Government’s Primary Schools for the 21st Century (P12) program. The design of our new facility boasts a new indoor Stadium and a Multi-Purpose Complex. Our new facility offers our school and wider community with access to a broader range of high quality resources, cutting edge tools to support effective teaching and learning, and community partnerships.

To view the plan for our new school facility, click here.

A New Performing Arts Complex

The school’s Gillies Street Hall has recently been transformed into an innovative and multi-functional Performing Arts Complex. This new complex will house student’s Performing Arts Specialist Program, School Productions and student’s Instrumental Music Lessons.

A New Grade 1/2 Playground and A New Grade 3/4 Playground

A new Grade 1/2 playground and Grade 3/4 playground has recently been installed for students. Our Prep playground is scheduled to be upgraded in April 2011.

ICT and e-Learning

The school has recently purchased a new bank of Apple Laptops for classroom use, and completed a major upgrade of the school’s entire ICT infrastructure and network. The ICT infrastructure is now state-of-the-art that allows for greater speed and increased usage. The school will soon be purchasing a bank of iPads for students to use as part of their classroom programs, and is exploring a one-on-one laptop program for students.

Solar Energy

In 2010, the school received a $50 000.00 grant from the Australian Government’s National Solar Project. This grant enabled the community to install energy efficient lighting and solar panels throughout the entire school, and strengthen the integration of environmental education across the curriculum.