School Policies

Our school policies at Essendon North Primary School are designed to provide uniformity and consistency in decisions and actions across the community. They are usually written documents that outline the required process or procedure within the school.

Policy development is generally overseen by the School Council, and the Continuous Improvement Sub-Committee regularly seeks community views, develops policies and oversees program implementation for the school. School policies are generally reviewed on a three year cycle to ensure their continuing relevance.

Parent Payment Policy inclusive of (Hardship Policy)

FAQs for Parents Parent Payments in Victorian Government Schools

School Policy Hub (Under Development)

Please click on the links to download a copy of some of the school’s policies (PDF):

ENPS Community Communications Policy

ENPS Assessment Policy

ENPS Language Policy

ENPS Home Learning Policy

ENPS Administration Of Medication Policy

ENPS Alcohol Policy

ENPS Anaphylaxis Policy inclusive of Communication Plan(Ratified by School Council October 2016)

ENPS Asthma Management Policy

ENPS Attendance Policy

ENPS Camping Policy

ENPS Child Safety and Protection Policy and Child Safety Code of Conduct

ENPS Community Code Of Conduct Policy

ENPS Curriculum Policy

ENPS Digital Citizenship Essential Agreement

This agreement is also available in the ENPS 1-1 Guide 2016 available from the iBooks store or it can be viewed as a PDF. ENPS 1-1 Guide 2016

ENPS Eftpos Policy (2016 update)

ENPS Equal Opportunity Policy

ENPS Excursions and Incursions Policy

ENPS First Aid Policy

ENPS Food Policy

ENPS Head Lice Policy

ENPS Hiring Of School Facilities Policy

ENPS Home Group Placement Policy

ENPS Mobile Phone Policy

ENPS Queries, Concerns and Complaints Policy

ENPS Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy

ENPS Student Learning Portfolio Policy

ENPS Sun Smart Policy (updated November 2015)

ENPS Uniform Policy