Our Staff

At the very heart of our purpose is to provide every child with the best possible education. We recognise that this will be achieved by our staff, and are committed to delivering high quality teaching practice so that every child learns and achieves high standards.

High quality professional learning is one of the cornerstones of our school. We view teaching as a dynamic profession and, as new knowledge about teaching and learning emerges, new types of expertise and skills are required by us. Our teachers engage in professional learning in order to continuously learn and improve what is taught, how it is taught and how learning is assessed (Bransford et al. 2000). The Seven Principles of Highly Effective Professional Learning (DEECD, 2005) is used to build our whole school professional development strategy so that staff keep abreast of new knowledge and use it continually refine conceptual and pedagogical skills for improving student learning. Our Performance and Development Framework provides for regular review of individual goals and active support in their achievement.

The school has nine teaching teams (Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Specialists and Educational Support Staff) and a number of curriculum teams (Literacy, Numeracy, e-Learning, Inquiry Curriculum, and Student Engagement and Wellbeing). Our Teaching and Curriculum Teams regularly plan and evaluate teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes, and participate in team based professional learning. The organisation of our school remains fluid and flexible so that our staffing profile can be effectively adapted to cater for the emerging learning needs of our students.

Organizational Chart

Our 2017 ENPS Organizational Chart can be accessed by clicking here.

Employment at Essendon North Primary School

To view and apply for a position at Essendon North Primary School, please visit the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhoods Development’s Recruitment Online.