About Essendon North Primary School

Essendon North Primary School is a Prep to Year 6 co-educational learning community. At the very heart of our purpose is the pursuit of excellence. We aim to continuously improve the quality of education for every child in every classroom. We strive to develop internationally minded, globally competent learners who have a strong sense of self, and an awareness and acceptance of international diversity. We encourage every member of our school community to be compassionate global citizens and active life long learners. We place a high priority on delivering high quality instructional practices in all curriculum areas, and student learning outcomes.

Our principles for learning and teaching are:

Our values based approach ensures students from diverse backgrounds are united under a consistent and equitable umbrella that values all stakeholders yet provides a common connection of learning and diversity. Our entire community is actively involved in the life of the school, and shares a commitment to its future development and growth for our children and young people.