Essendon North Primary School provides a technology rich learning environment. Our classrooms and global partners engage in menaingful and purposeful 21st Century learning to:

Central to our vision is the learner and improved learning outcomes. Learning is a dynamic and interactive experience. For us, it is a process that naturally integrates subject disciplines into one and necessitates higher level, independent thinking. Students develop meta-cognitive skills to think about thinking and learn about learning. These skills enable our students to recognise what they have learned and understand how they learned it. E-learning is an integral tool to support and enhance the quality of education for children and young people.

A broad range of learning technologies are being used in innovative ways to extend learning opportunities, enrich student experiences, and improve learning outcomes.┬áThe use of technologies, such as Mac Laptops and Mac Mini’s, plasma screens in every classroom, digital video recorders and cameras, and Interactive Whiteboards are being used to support learners to communicate, collaborate, create, solve problems, access new knowledge, form learning communities, and link to knowledge experts.

To view some our student’s work, please click on the image.